$125 for one 60-minute hypnosis session
$150 for one 90-minute hypnosis session
$400 for three, 60-minute hypnosis sessions ($450 value)

A 15 minute phone consultation is required prior to first appointment and a willingness to participate.




One of the most powerful tools to create the body you want because it addresses the root cause of over eating: Your Thoughts and Feelings!

Is This You?

  • You’re tired of losing the same weight over and over!
  • You’ve tried every diet and fad imaginable!
  • All of your well intentioned, painful efforts eventually fail!
  • You know that losing weight would make your whole life better, but no matter how hard you’ve tried you still can’t seem to get lasting weight loss.
  • You know there is an emotional component with your weight and eating habits!
  • Every time you’re close to weight loss success you always find a way to sabotage yourself.
  • If this sounds like you then you’re not alone. Only 2% of dieters keep their weight off for 5 years.

Through Hypnosis for Weight Loss you’ll not only transform your body and the way you feel about food, but you’ll also stop the poor self-esteem, embarrassment, anxiety, and poor body image that’s been holding you back!



Our 3-Phase Stop Smoking Program is highly effective with a success rate of over 95% :

PHASE I = Preparation

PHASE II = Stop Smoking

PHASE III = Evolution

The New & Improved Stop Smoking Program that has been created here is a blend of subconscious tools and programming, conscious tools keeping you engaged and moving forward. It’s been developed from client feedback and direct experience and we’ve kept only the most effective components making it FAST, EFFECTIVE, and best of all – AFFORDABLE!  Everyone who completes our program is very satisfied and surprised at just how easy it was to become a Non-smoker! They don’t even want to smoke anymore!

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Pain is a physical discomfort caused by illness or injury. In a recent study by the National Institute of Health (NIH) published in 2011, an estimated 116 million Americans suffer from some form of pain each year and costs the United States between $500 billion and $635 billion annually.

Hypnosis for pain management is very effective. It not only provides relief from pain, but also empowers us with the realization that we can directly influence pain:

Hypnotic suggestion can be used to divert the mind from pain signals and thus greatly reduce our perception of pain. Pain management in hypnosis has traditionally been used in a wide variety of settings and applications including anesthesia, analgesia, dentistry, childbirth, surgery, arthritis and chronic conditions.




Depression is fundamentally a consistent feeling of despair, fatigue, hopelessness and disinterest in life. It differs from sadness in that it (1) is consistent or longer-lasting, and (2) impairs one’s ability to function in daily life. Unfortunately, many people suffer from depression and never seek help, yet those who do, and even those with the most severe cases of depression, often improve.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), an estimated 1 in 10 U.S. adults report depression.

1 in 10 is the number of Americans that report depression and as we all know, many of us do not seek help when we truly need it.

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for working with depression because of it’s ability to effect change on a subconscious level. Depression is the result of negative thoughts and emotions within the mind. Consciously we may tell ourselves “snap out of it” or “cheer up,” yet the deeper truths of what is in our subconscious are the things holding us down and need to be addressed. Without intervention these deeper thoughts will continue to manage feelings and behaviors and there is not much hope of change.

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